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Automatic exchange service  
Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What services does FastExchanger provide?

A: FastExchanger provides services of round-the-clock automatic exchange of the following currencies: EgoPay, Perfect Money, BitCoin, Webmoney, LiteCoin, WiredPay, Ukash, OKPay and others.

Q: How can I make the exchange?

A: Choose the direction exchange, fill the necessary form, make sure of correctness of entered information and press the button of confirmation. Exchange operations are performed automatically and practically immediately.

Q: I have casually closed a browser window. How can I continue the work with my order?

A: After the order is filled, the system sends the letter containing a link for continuation of your work to the e-mail box specified by you. In case you have closed the browser window, you can take advantage of this reference and continue your work. Be attentive at order filling: you should specify your real and available e-mail address.

Q: Why I haven’t received the money until now?

A: In case you haven’t received the money after exchange operation most probably that:
1. It’s a temporary delay that may be attributed to connection failure with billing of payment system. This way you will receive your money immediately after reconnection.
2. Probably you have filled the order inattentively and a mistake was made. In this case you can loose your cash, if it was transferred to another user of payment system. You may try to contact him and ask him to transfer your money back. His details are specified in account details or you can ask our support service about them.

Q: Why do you have technical problems?

A: It is known from experience that failures happen everywhere, and the reasons can be different: as technical problems of communication channels or payment systems gateways, as malfunctions from our side. We aspire to maximally reduce unplanned technical failures, but nobody can cope with everything. And here there's nothing for it.

Q: I have sent several letters to support service. Why do you not answer me?

A: Our support service is available on the business days from 9:00 till 21:00 GMT. Every your letter is given consideration. If you have sent us your letter with a question, do not worry about it – we will surely answer you and try to help. There’s no need to send us the same question several times: you just complicate our work this way.

Q: How do you calculate commission during exchange?

A: The payer pays commission, as it settled by payment system. For example, you change 100 WiredPay into Perfect Money. After your payment operation, the service will pay the commission as a receiver of WiredPay and will pay the commission as a sender of Perfect Money as well.

Q: What is a partner’s fee in your service?

A: It does not depend on direction of exchange, and in all cases it is equal to 35%, but in the future, this amount may be changed.

Q: What currency do you use for partner’s fee payment?

A: It is possible to make payment in any currency, valued for exchange.

Current reserves
PM USD - 3839.86
OKPAY - 3383.75
PAXUM - 2109.65
PAYEER - 2425.83
PAYZA - 4307.54
SKRILL - 3066.50
PAYPAL - 2627.81
LITECOIN - 1175.53
WIREDPAY - 1565.64
BITCOIN - 570.40
UKASH - 2105.06
WMZ - 3818.50
STP - 2354.96
Updated: 08/14/2018
Latest news

BitCoin / Nov 07
Now on you can exchange at us BitCoin.

WiredPay / Sep 14
We make exchange operations with WiredPay.

The transfer was very easy and very fast so I consider it being very very good!

Payments systems
STPPaxumc-Gold WebMoney
Perfect Money LiqPayWiredPay
PayPal Skrill Western Union
BitCoinUkash Payza