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Automatic exchange service  
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Payment processor WiredPay

WiredPay is an International cross border payment system which is ideal for Internet business. Once you open an account you can use it immediately for business or personal use.You can open as many accounts as you like (as long as the e-mail address is different for each account

With WiredPay you can send funds to other WiredPay account holders wherever they are in the world and also receive funds in the same manner.
Basically, it’s a one to one International transfer system. But it’s a closed system.

More importantly payments received from customers are irrevocable, meaning when you get paid, you stay paid – forever.The system does not allow chargebacks, and this is a major factor of using WiredPay as your payment.

They had developed a web based payment system that is very secure and easy to use. WiredPay just wants to have the confidence to use your account without worrying about unauthorised access.
You cannot pay cash directly into your account as you need to purchase funds or ‘credits’ from an Exchange Agent.

An Exchange Agent will exchange it into credits and send the equivalent value to your account. Once the funds are in your account you can transfer to any other account holder in the system. For the moment all funds in the WiredPay system are equal to the US Dollar , but seems that they will introduce EURO and GBP processor.
Also, you do not need to apply for a merchant account, so there are no up front fees or ongoing merchant charges.

The system is, in my opinion, simple and safe to use. They do not store credit card, bank account or other digital currency account details, as they are not used in our system, only ask for minimal personal details and only require verification for transactions over certain limits. They have a nice fee structure so WiredPay could be a good online payment solution.

WiredPay has a great affiliate program in which new account holders are automatically enrolled! The system creates a unique link code for you, which will be embedded in all the banners, widgets, bookmarks and links that are available for you to use. Your commissions are instantly deposited into your account as they are earned!

Current reserves
PM USD - 3839.86
OKPAY - 3383.75
PAXUM - 2109.65
PAYEER - 2425.83
PAYZA - 4307.54
SKRILL - 3066.50
PAYPAL - 2627.81
LITECOIN - 1175.53
WIREDPAY - 1565.64
BITCOIN - 570.40
UKASH - 2105.06
WMZ - 3818.50
STP - 2354.96
Updated: 08/14/2018
Latest news

BitCoin / Nov 07
Now on you can exchange at us BitCoin.

WiredPay / Sep 14
We make exchange operations with WiredPay.

Super fast service with no slow down like some others. Highly recommended.

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