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Minimal amount: 5000 DOGE

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Max Amount: 435.7715 DASH
Rate: 1 DOGE = 4.101749E-5 DASH

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13 hours ago
Dash Bitcoin Cash
14 DASH     4.4450 BCH
21 hours ago
Bitcoin Perfect Money
0.0042 BTC     32.8361 USD
21 hours ago
Bitcoin Perfect Money
0.002 BTC     15.6353 USD
1 day ago
Bitcoin Cash LiveCoin
1 BCH     212.81 USD
1 day ago
Bitcoin Perfect Money
0.00422 BTC     33.041 USD

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12072.22 USD
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13998.68 USD
7782.27 USD
5744.48 USD
24.3669 BTC
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1350.7081 ETH
435.7715 DASH
519.03481 LTC
12244.7648 USD
13650.22 USD
20014.38 USD
15469.13 USD
13673.99 EUR
1510624.8429 DOGE
32539.8341 XRP
232619.76 USD

If there is not enough reserve, please contact us in the online chat.

Why us?

Our service provides exchange services, purchase / sale of Bitcoin cryptocurrency with WU or Perfect Money, Payeer, WiredPay, AdvCash, Ethereum. You can buy / sell Bitcoin from any country in the world. We work with WU and with Perfect MoneyPayeer, WiredPay, AdvCash, Ethereum in other countries.

Our system works in semi-automatic mode. You only need to fill out the form on an exchange in the right direction and follow the instructions in the request.

Our service is constantly evolving, and soon we will provide you with more variety of services in the field of e-commerce.

If you have any questions, you can find an answer in the FAQ section or contact us online (on the right). You can also ask your question via the feedback form on the Contact page.

We work with:

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